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For more than 35 years Hiden Analytical has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments for research, development and production applications. In vacuum, gas, surface and plasma processes our quadrupole mass spectrometers have gained worldwide recognition for their precision and outstanding performance. 

As a privately-owned company our reputation is built on creating close, positive relationships with our clients. Many customers work at the forefront of new technology - in the fields of plasma research, surface science, vacuum processing and gas analysis. To maintain this reputation we have, over the years, established exceptional levels of technical expertise in these areas within our company.
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GRAPHENE FACTORY is the CNR web portal born with the aim to show and promote the research on graphene and bi-dimensional materials performed within the CNR network. It also offers contents and information about "graphene" to the scientific community, to the media, to SMEs, Industry and general public.
The National Research Council (CNR) is the largest public Research Institution in Italy. CNR is strongly involved in the research activities on graphene and two-dimensional materials beyond graphene, both on the fundamental research, and on future applications and technological innovation. On a national basis, is the institution with the largest number of researcher involved on these topics and the largest scientific production.
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Das-Nano, founded in 2012, is a company that consists of experienced business and industry entrepreneurs. Our team boasts world-leading scientists with a long track-record in scientific research, technological and international business.

With 40% of our team holding PhDs and being based in Navarre (Spain), we are in a unique position to provide a technology portfolio that is continuously evolving. Our technology provides state-of-the-art solutions for many different industries including but not limited to:

  • High Security Printing, working hand in hand with Central Banks and Security Printers.
  • Banking and Fintech Industry.
  • Automotive Industry.
  • Aerospace and Windpower Industry.
  • Research & Science equipment.

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Abalonyx AS is a Norway based company engaged in production and R&D related to graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives since 2008. We produce and sell single layer graphene oxide (GO) and thermally reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in Kg-quantities and are presently developing several derivatives for special applications, including protective coatings for autoparts, a process for remediation of water contaminated with heavy metals and radionuclides based on a GO-based scavenger-system. We are also involved in collaborative development of modified GO and rGO for use in composites for construction materials, certain sports equipment and energy storage in several collaborative projects. Our sister company, Graphene Batteries AS uses a special rGO-grade in its battery developments. We actively work with our customers to tune our GO and rGO to their needs.
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